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This Wednesday, Our Woman Crush Is Neku Atawodi

Discover what you have passion for and train yourself to be the best at it, this is what we learnt from the story of our woman crush Neku Atawodi-Edun.

The talented Nigerian polo queen who left the world of sport professionally a couple of years back,is still very much ready to take on a match whenever she gets a chance. Recently she faced South Africa’s team in Johannesburg.

While women in Nigeria are beginning to embrace Polo as a sport, none of them have the skill or experience of the first woman of color to engage in the sport and the woman who paved the way for others by organizing the first ever female tournament in Africa.

Neku Atawodi-Edun, fondly called Neku Atawodi is a former professional polo player, entrepreneur and country director (Nigeria) for Meltwater Entrepreneur School of Technology (MEST).
Atawodi started playing polo at the age of 21; after working for years with a polo club in England; precisely packing horses’ faeces.
After 10 years from taking this job, the young woman who grew up around a polo club in Kaduna had played polo as a professional in up to 14 cities around the world. For the love of polo, she studied of Equine Sport Science and acquired a MA in International Business.

After she had obtained these degrees, she came back to her country to found Bamboo Green Concepts, Polo Beach Resort in Lagos, entered a partnership with SuperSport so polo can be showed across television stations in Africa, Ride-to-Shine, and Malaik (which closed down after a year due to government policies).

She has received several awards and recognitions such as one of Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 (under the category of Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs) and Face of Africa Polo Open (2018) amongst others. She is a Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum and has served as Senior Technical Advisor in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.
These moves by Neku while she was out of Nigeria and now that she’s back indicates her love for the country.

Well done Neku! We celebrate you for choosing to follow an unusual path and excelling at it.

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